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The History of OilPF

Founded in 2000, 9Ware, Inc. has focused primarily on support of the Petroleum industry (jobbers, carriers, and retailers) with software, data, and consulting services, including data management and analysis services through its 9Alytics division.

Since 2004: 9Ware has focused the majority of its experience, creativity, and resources on the petroleum industry.

Since 2006: 9Alytics has provided decision support for petroleum hedging to help mitigate the financial risk of committed purchases in a fluctuating marketplace. This support included the development of a suite of internal (accessible by our staff only) data management and analysis tools specifically designed for petroleum hedging.

Since 2008: spurred by increasing unpredictability in petroleum product pricing and the resulting growth in petroleum hedging, 9Ware launched Oil Protection Factor (link to oilpf.com), delivering 24/7 access and reduced labor (cost savings) to our Clients for these data management and analysis capabilities.
Since 2009: A turnkey solution for petroleum hedging became possible when 9Ware teamed up with an internationally recognized energy broker in response to an increased demand for a complete hedging solution (strategy consultation, position acquisition, and data management for program management, tracking, and assessment). Today, 9Ware, our partner broker, and our clients collectively use OilPF to efficiently and cost-effectively support all stages of hedge programs: evaluating potential hedge strategies, managing ongoing hedge programs, and analyzing possible restructuring or even discontinuation of a hedge strategy or program.

Oil Protection Factor is the Energy Hedging Data Management & Analysis service of 9Ware, Inc.
For more about 9Ware, Inc. visit www.9Ware.com
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