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Your sunscreen's SPF is 30 or higher. What's your hedge program's OPF?

OilPF's Hedging Solution


Whether you are a Jobber, Fleet (or other end user), Heating Oil Distributor, or Crack Spread Hedger, OilPF's team and tools can help you optimize your hedging program for maximum risk management effectiveness. We can provide a turnkey solution or a la carte services tailored to your specific petroleum hedging needs.

  • Evaluate the Probability that a Hedging Program will Effectively Mitigate Your Operations Risk
  • Evaluate Supplier Contracts, Support Negotiation
  • Prepare Documents to Support Cash Flow Discussions with Banks (and/or attend the meetings with you)
  • Manage of Fixed Price Contract Data - keep track of customer commitments
  • Manage Operations Data - you can upload data or we can pull from your enterprise system (terminal system, accounting, etc.)
  • Acquire/Liquidate Market Positions - through our internationally recognized partner broker
  • Manage Market Position Data - options and futures
  • Analyze Net Margins - combined operational and hedge margins
  • Analyze Net Cash Flows To Date - combined operational and hedge cash flows
  • Analyze Projected Cash Flows - combined cash flows based on various market scenarios
  • Analyze Over/Under Hedge Status
  • Custom Services

Oil Protection Factor is the Energy Hedging Data Management & Analysis service of 9Ware, Inc.
For more about 9Ware, Inc. visit www.9Ware.com
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